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Reasons for investment (economic indicators)

Development of the municipality of Mrkonjic Grad is based on natural resources as well as on traditionally present activities.
The most important natural resources of the municipality of Mrkonjic grad are : hydropower potentials, timber resources, mineral resources ( bentonite, bauxite, dolomite and some others). Agricultural land covers huge  surfaces and it indicates that the municipality owns significant natural resources and the Cultural Historical activities create precondicitons for the development of turism in  the municipality of Mrkonjic grad . 
Thanks to the resources we have previously mentioned the municipality of mrkonjic grad developed certain natural subjects which made the quality of life better primarily from the aspect of market economy and futher more through the development of trade, tourism, agriculture and hydropower industry.
In the end of 2014 there were :
334 independent entrepreneurship activities,
101 legal entities :
-9 join-stock companies,
-77 limited liability companies, 
-6 companies in the field of health and
-9 other legal entities.
All these independent entrepreneurships together employ 3.511 people.