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Republic of Srpska's incentive programs

 List of investment incentives in the Republic of Srpska:

Republic of Srpska employment institute:

-subsidies for self-employment and employment with an employer of persons from the identified target group

-Subsidies for recruitment of trainees with college or university diploma

More informations on this page: http://www.zzzrs.net/index.php/javni_pozivi/


Republic of Srpska Ministry of Science and Technology:

-Co-financing of research programs in the field of technological development, knowledge and technology transfer, and encouragement of the application of scientific research work results

-Support to organizations for infrastructural support to technology development

More informations on this page: http://www.vladars.net/sr-SP-Cyrl/Vlada/Ministarstva/mnk/Konkursi/Pages/default.aspx



-Republic of Srpska Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management

-Republic  of Srpska Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining

-Republic of Srpska Ministry of Trade and Tourism

-Republic of Srpska Ministry of Finance

-Republic of Srpska Investemnt Development Bank

-Republic of Srpska Government Gender Center

-Republic of Srpska Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund

-Federal Ministry of refugees